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Weather in London

Weather in London

When it comes to various places in the world for the best type of weather, there are only a few countries. London is considered to be one of the best places to visit and spend holidays, and it is because the weather in London is great. London is a place where you will get to see a great combination of tradition as well as technology and people from across the globe visit London as its climate is great.

The climate in London is considered to be the mildest in the whole UK, but the best thing about the weather is that it is completely unpredictable. Therefore, the people of London need to carry sunglasses as well as an umbrella every single day as it can rain even in the peak sunlight.

United Kingdom climate

Talking about the climatic conditions in the UK and weather in London, let us tell you that the summers are warm, and winters are cold. It is one of the cold countries on the continent, and the summers in UK are cooler than any other country on the continent. The variation in the temperature of UK is not much, but it is just 30-32 degrees Celsius. In the winters, the lowest temperature is 0 degrees, and the highest in summers is 32 degrees.

Touristic season in London

Though the weather in London is pretty much good all long years, the time that is most suitable for the tourists is between March and May. It is the best time for London visit as the city has a mild temperature and it is the best time to enjoy being in the green and blooming parks of the city. It is the time between these three months that there is the highest number of tourists in London and you can see tourists from every corner of the world on the roads of the city.

Four seasons in London

If you are going to spend a long London life by spending a portion of your long holidays there, it is very necessary that you know about the four seasons in London. When you are a traveling lover, it is a well-known thing that you will love to enjoy all the weather. The climate of London is distinguished into four different seasons, and these are autumn, summer, winter, and spring.

Weather patterns for each season

The weather pattern for each season in London is the same as it is in other cities. As it is the normal thing, the weather at the beginning of every season becomes neutral.  The London climate gets normal at the end of the season, but it is quite high in the mid of every season.

Autumn in London

Autumn in London

When it comes to the best place and its best seasons, autumn stands first, and therefore the autumn is the best place and the weather in London. It is the time when mornings are crisper and the days are shorter. Also, there are various interesting events going into the city. Here is the month-wise explanation of the autumn season.

September in London

The weather in London on September is the beginning of autumn, and it is the time when the tourists start visiting this city. The highest temperature in September is 20 degrees, and the lowest is 13 degrees. The month begins with the Japan matsuri festival followed by the Oktoberfest Odyssey on the 12 September, and these are things to enjoy the most.

October in London

The month of October is also the best to visit the great city of London and explore the heritage of London. The weather for London in October is lower as compared to September. The highest temperature is 16 degrees, and the lowest is 10 degrees Celsius. It is a great time to enjoy the cold in the city. In the month of October, London celebrates Halloween in 25th, and Vegtoberfest is one of the most popular festivals for you to enjoy.

November in London

The weather in London for November is the coldest in the autumn season, and it is the main reason because of which plenty of people who like cold visit London. This month of autumn season has cold weather of London in november, and the festivals enjoyed are Alexandra Palace Firework Festival and Diwali Festival.

Winter in London

Winter in London

We all know that the weather in London in the winter is all about the great cold as it is a cold country and therefore the summers are also not so hot but warm. The winters in London city is characterized by extreme cold and also sometimes rainy weather. It starts in the month of December and prevails until the end of February. It is a great time for the ones who like to see snowfall to visit London.

December in London

It is the time when the winter starts in London, and from the very beginning of the month of December, you can experience a low temperature. The weather in London December is quite cold, and the temperature varies from 5 degrees to 9 degrees. There are great festivals for you to celebrate in London this month, like the New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Sales Enablement Summit.

January in London

January is the coldest month in the city of London it is the time when there are a lot of people visits London to enjoy the activities going on. The lowest temperature this month is 4 degrees, and the highest is 9 degrees. Some things that you can enjoy the most in the weather of London in January is the Food For Thought Festival, Lightopia Festival London and the Chinese new year.

February in London

The climatic condition in London in the month of February is pretty much similar to December. The weather of London in February is just cold with a temperature of highest 9 degrees and the lowest 5 degrees. The year is full of festivals, and the same is the case with February. The things that you can enjoy in February are Magic Lantern Rave, Under Armour Turf Games Winter Fest, and the Lightopia Festival on 9th February.

Spring in London

Spring in London

Talking about the spring season and the weather in London, it is the time when the city is calm, silent, and peaceful. There could be no other place better than London for the ones who love a climate of peace and calmness. It is the time when the London gets to live back into colors and greenery.

March in London

We are all aware of the thing that the weather in the spring is calm, but it still has the effect of winters on it. The same is the case with the weather of London in march as the days and nights are still cold. Temperature varies between 12-6 degrees, and the festivals to enjoy are Vegan Life Live London and Eat and Drink Festival.

April in London

London is a great place to enjoy and have fun, and the people of London are not at all biased.  You can see this at the London Muslim Shopping Festival from 18-19 April. The weather in London in April starts getting warmer with the highest of 15 degrees and the lowest 7 degrees.

May in London

As may arrive, the days get warmer as compared to the previous months. The highest temperature in this month is 18 degrees and 10degrees. The things that you can enjoy in this weather in London on may are the London bike tours and the view from the Sharad.

Summer in London

Summer in London

As the weather in London in summers is mild and calm, the temperature ranges from 21-23degree Celsius. You can enjoy the long day with a good temperature but not without the occasional rain. The winter wears can be packed away, but you may need to carry pre-winter stuff for the chilly evenings.

June in London

The temperature in the month of June in London varies between 21-13 degrees Celsius. It is the idle weather in London on June in which you can enjoy the outings in the city. Zoo nights are amazing in this weather of London in June, and you can also go to the underbelly festival.

July in London

The month of July can be very warm for the ones who visit London to experience its cold as the temperature ranges from 23-15 degrees Celsius. It is also the peak travel time in London as the weather of London in July is warm and good. You can enjoy the HYPER JAPAN festival and the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival. You can check the details about the weather at weather in London today.

August in London

There are barely any climatic changes in weather in London on august as it is the time when the autumn is approaching. The temperature remains the same as it is in the last month and you can enjoy the Jollof Rice Day Festival and the London mela in the weather in London august.