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Typical English cuisine

Typical English cuisine

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“Typical English cuisine” doesn’t say anything to most of the people, also traditional English food is usually associated with classic “English breakfast”. Tourists often focus on the culinary traditions of other countries and make a conclusion about the simplicity of local cuisine. However, a curious traveler, who wonders about real English food will certainly discover many well-known and tasty national dishes.

Fish and chips

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is the most popular and well-known English dish. That typical food can be tasted literally everywhere: from budget London cafes and pubs to expensive restaurants. It is Beven called the unofficial national dish. Fish and Chips is first fast food which was started delivering.The famous meal includes deep-fried fish and potatoes. The traditional recipe comprises cod, but some English restaurants offer a special version, giving to guests a chance to choose any type of seafood for the dish.

Steak and kidney pudding

Steak and kidney pudding is made from chopped beef and pieces of sheep kidneys. The dough based on the kidney fat is mixed with meat ingredients and onions. The dish cooks for 4 hours.

Toad in the hole / Sausage Toad

The first mention of toad in the hole was observed 18th century. English people used to add some pigeon’s meat, so one of these unusual recipes was called “Pigeons in the hole”.  Nowadays, they add sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding batter. It is served with vegetables and onion sauce.

Oxtail soup

Oxtail soup

This famous soup was invented by immigrants from France
and Flanders in the 17th century. They used ingredients that they could afford. Oxtail soup is started cooking a day before serving. The chopped tails and vegetable are fried and boiled for 3 hours, then put the pot in the refrigerator for one night. The next day the soup can be served.

Bubble and squeak

Bubble and squeak is a variation of a full English breakfast. The main ingredient of this famous English meal is fried or boiled potatoes, which are wrapped in cold boiled cabbage leaves. Other typical ingredients can be cold meats, as well as green peas, brussels’ sprouts, carrots and other vegetables.



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