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The Best England Vacation

The Best England Vacation

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Vacation in the UK could be different: parties in crowded Manchester, tour around medieval castles of Wales or explore beautiful Ireland’s landscapes.

The center of the United Kingdom is London even though it seems quite strict with all grey castles and huge forts placed around, this city is ready to offer many modern entertainments. Also, in your ‘the must list’ should be places as seaside Brighton, Beatles’ Liverpool and historic Edinburgh. To crown it all, don’t forget to take a Cambridge trip to have a look at students’ elite.

United Kingdom VacationIt’s well known that, Stonehenge is the one of mysterious monuments of not only England but the whole world. Even though Big Ben at Parliament House, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey aren’t that enigmatic, they are a big part of deep England history. Moreover, you can come to York during the Christmas eve at the country’s largest market.

By the way, access to the most of museums is for free, the visitors decide how much they are ready to pay.

London is known for foggy and rainy weather, that natural phenomenon doesn’t happen so often, mostly in late autumn, when the temperature is around 4 degrees. The weather doesn’t surprise you at all and keeps 23-25 degrees in summer.

The United Kingdom is one of the safest countries. The number of the tourists who were involved in accidents is quite low, but you still have to remember that a debate with cheerful football fans isn’t always a good idea 😊

England SightTo add to it, any kid will find something to do in the UK, that’s why tourist trip to England gets more and more popular. During the tour children will have a chance to visit many play areas with petting zoo and thematic fields. Natural History Museum has exhibits are allowed to be hand-touched, London Transport Museum will impress them as well as London Eye and tour to the “Belfast” ship.

Liverpool will please a kid with the entertainment center of science and art Underwater Street. In Gloucester and Christ Church College of Oxford, was shot a movie about Harry Potter, in Leavesden (near London) you can find Hogwarts movie park!


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