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Interesting facts about England

Interesting facts about England

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Did you know that punk rock originated in the UK and its queen is considered Vivienne Westwood or the shortest world flight is between the Scottish Islands? The editors of Hubb.uk have prepared a selection of interesting facts about England.

  1. 5 o’clock

5 o'clock afternoon teaHave you ever heard the stereotype that people from #UnitedKingdom drink tea at exactly five o’clock in the evening? So, this is not entirely true. Of course, the British in love with tea, but usually have it after every meal. As for the drink itself, contrary to popular belief, the choice of truly tasty tea is quite little. If you want to have a good one, look for a special store or tea room.

What about some milk to add? #British people prefer clear aromatic drink and stay away from any mixing, so the question “Would you like some milk?” you will be asked at the very least.

  1. Winter in England

By the way, the lakes and rivers don’t get frozen in the wintertime. The United Kingdom can’t boast heavy snowfall, so winter landscapes look a bit unusual, but that fabulous atmosphere amazes everybody. Well, since we started talking about winter, 10-15 cm of snow already means that you can safely stay at home. The buses will stop running and Great Britain will patiently wait for the snow to melt.

  1. England is a paradise for pets

British shorthair catYou will never see a homeless pet in #England. “Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” was established in 1824. So, cats and dogs have been living safely for almost 200 years.u

  1. The foxes on the London streets

Although foxes usually live in parks, they go out at night and frighten cyclists,
jumping under the wheels. Probably, this is how the animals take revenge for fox hunting. We said earlier that English people are very fond of animals. Well, it seems they love traditions more 🙂

  1. A bit about the language

Weather in the UKPracticing your language skills in the #UK you will surely hear that you speak very well. But do not be so proud of yourself. Even if you say only “London is the capital of Great Britain” with a strong accent, you will still be praised and told that you speak in pure English.


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